I am obsessed with candles, especially fall scents. I thought I would share it with other moms. I don’t know about you, but I burn a candle daily. First so the home can smell excellent and second to relax after a long stressful day. Below I list some of my favorite candle scents and the best time to buy them.

Courtesy of Crossroads Candles
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  1. Crossroads Candles

Maple Pumpkin Donut $8.99 6oz – $59.99 64oz

These candles are amazing. I mean, the scent can cover your whole home in a matter of seconds. The candles can burn for an extended period. It takes a couple of months to burn through a large candle. The downside is it’s a little more expensive, but it’s a local family-owned candle company in Bucyrus, Ohio. I like to support locally owned businesses. They tend to run small promotions and sales around the holidays. Check out their Instagram page for promotions and deals.

2. Bath and Body Works

Harvest Gathering Candle $14.50-$24.50

I love bath and body works candles because they smell so good and you can get them at a reasonable price. They usually run promotions like mix & match and other sales. That is the time I stock up. The fall candles go on sale around the beginning of October because they prepare for the winter scents. Also, check the annual sale and the website for special deals and scents. The downside is that the candles burn fast, and the smell does not last as long.

*comment below your favorite Bath and Body Work scent

Courtesy of Bath and Bodyworks

3. Yankee Candles

Autumn Leaves $11.00-$29.50

Yankee candles smell fantastic, and they have fun scents. I like that their candles burn for an extended period, and the smell is strong. The con is they don’t usually have good specials or a deal. You will have to buy two at $30a piece most of the time before getting a free one. It might be a great deal if you have the extra cash to spend.

4. Voluspa

Spiced Pumpkin Latte

Large Jar Candle $32.00

Suppose you don’t mind spending “a pretty penny” for a candle, then you will love this Voluspa candle. Voluspa is a handcrafted candle based out of California. Oprah featured the brand in Oprah’s magazine as one of the top high-end candles. Not only is the smell fresh and pleasant, but the jar is decorative and beautiful. I felt in love with the jar first. After the candle has burned out, you can clean and save the jar for decorating.

Courtesy of Voluspa

5. Harlem Candle Company

“SPEAKEASY” Luxury Candle $45

Harlem Candles are just regular candles, but they tell a story about the Harlem jazz club and Renaissance. Teri Johnson, the founder, fuses her love of fragrance, jazz, and Harlem in every candle. I enjoy the packaging and the incredible story of these beautiful candles. Another unique component is how she layered each candle with different scents giving your nose an ultimate journey. You must visit the Harlem Candle website to get the story behind this candle.

“SPEAKEASY” Luxury Candle is a sweet elixir of licorice and plum blossom.

Top: Cardamom, Smoked Incense, Bourbon, Pimento berry

Middle: Saffron, Licorice, Plum blossom, Tobacco leaves

Base:  Palo santo, Patchouli, Vanilla, Dark chocolate

Courtesy of Harlem Candle Company

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Where can I find the best candles

high-end retail stores like Saks fifth Ave
Hand crafted sites

Cherron Lucas, RDH, MBA

Cherron Lucas, RDH, MBA

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