Trying to fit in a daily exercise routine can be hard as a mom. If you are a working mom like me, you are tired. The kids constantly have tasks and assignments for you, not to mention grocery shopping, bills, cleaning and much more. I am tired just thinking about it and now where do I fit in exercise. Here are 5 great easy exercises that will keep you fit.

  1. Walking

Benefit– Its great to burn calories, strengthen the heart, lower your blood pressure, boost the immune system, improves the brain and creativity.

Walking is so easy you can walk with a friend, spouse or like me, I just take my kids. My kids always want to do something or go places. So, our goto is the mall or zoo. This gives me plenty of time to walk and think. I like to keep track of my heart rate and how many calories I burned, the Fit bit or Apple watch is great for this. Another fun way is to park far when going to the store or any place. Some people look for the closest parking space and I look for the farthest. I am always looking for a way to walk or stay active.

2. Bridges

Benefits– Is great for back pain, strengthen the core, tighten the buttocks, and correct muscle imbalance

After having kids your core is so weak and sometimes extra skin or tissue is left from your stomach stretching for 10 months. I like to do these bridges right in the bed. It’s convenient and easy to do. I have a pillow to support behind my neck and I hold for 3-5 minutes, release rest for 1 minute. I repeat 15 times and then off to bed.

3. Planks

Benefits– A full-body workout, builds the core, improves posture, strengthen the upper back, improves flexibility, burns calories, increase muscles in arms and legs.

This is one of my favorite exercises, I also do these in the bed. When I do planks on a hard surface my hands are on fire therefore a bed or a soft area will prevent this. I also have a gel foam mattress, so the bed doesn’t move its firm like the floor allowing me to do my exercises properly.  I hold the plank using all my muscles especially my core for 3-5 minutes then I release and rest for 1 minute. I repeat 10 times and then off to bed.

4. Squats

Benefits– Tones our buttocks, every woman wants a nice lifted Beyoncé booty.  Other benefits include building leg muscle and the inner thigh.

This is an awesome exercise during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, it helps to open mother’s hips preparing for childbirth. It also helps with the pressure of the baby bearing down into the canal towards the end of pregnancy. When in labor the squat position helps by using gravity to birth the baby easier. After having a baby, squats will help shape and tone the butt and hips nicely, they are my go-to exercise.

As a mom, it’s hard to fit in exercise. A great way that I fit in squats is every time I enter my laundry room or kitchen; I do 10 squats. It sounds crazy but I am in these rooms often throughout the day so it will ensure I will fit my squats into my schedule, and it’s entertaining.

5. Downward Dog

Benefits– Strengthening the back, help decrease back pain, full-body stretch, decrease anxiety, and increase blood circulation.

If you love yoga like me then this is probably your favorite yoga pose. This is the pose I use after work because it alleviates stress and back pain that is common for my job. I also use this time to have fun with my kids.  It is the most comfortable if you do this pose on a Manduka yoga mat. The Manduka is the best because it is heavy enough to not move when doing poses. This brand made the original mat for yoga, a musthave for any yoga fans.

I also love to follow Yoga Burn for my workouts. It’s easy and I can do it right from home. It is a system designed for women at different flexibility levels. It’s a form of yoga that helps increase the metabolic system. The system that is responsible for how you digest or metabolize food.

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What are the benefits of exercise?

Exercise can help with weight loss, improve your mood, tone your muscle, reduce disease, increase energy, improve brain cells….

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