Hey moms! I didn’t find the value in a supplement line until I was a mother of 3 and into my 30’s. I was under weight most of my life and I had dark circles underneath my eyes all the time. I would eat a lot and Healthy veggies. I also received the recommended eight hours of sleep. After having my children and breastfeeding , I was still under weight and now my skin was breaking out while my hair was shedding everywhere like a dog. I figured I should up my water in take, but that didn’t fix my issues. I was at work and I saw my co-workers skin glowing and hair flowing that’s when I decided to ask her what she was using. She told me everything that I already knew until I saw her take some hair, skin, and nail vitamins which she didn’t mention in our conversation . I went home to research on supplements ; come to find out that my metabolism was too fast and my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients in the food. I was lacking certain vitamins and nutrients. In this article I will list some of the top supplements that moms like me can benefit from.

The next-generation Prenatal Vitamin

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Essential Prenatal by Ritual

  • Monthly subscription
  • Vegan, Gluten -free, Non-GMO friendly
  • 12 key nutrients for before and during pregnancy.*
  • Smart Delayed-Release Capsule Design
  • FSA, HSA, HRA Reimbursement

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Great vitamins for Fertility and Breastfeeding

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Pink Stork: Fertility Tea

  • Fertility Tea is designed to support a normal cycle, Balance hormone levels, and women’s fertility wellness. 
  • comes in sweet or unsweet
  • Chaste Tree Berries- helps with ovulation function
  • Red Raspberry Leaf & Lady’s Mantle – Strengthen the uterus
  • Passionflower- Reducing stress and helping with your sex life
  • offers and subscription service
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Pink Stork: Total Lactation

  • Designed to support an increased milk supply and flow. 
  • Main ingredients: Fenugreek, Milk Thistle
  • Improve breast milk flavor and nutrition
  • Great for breastfeeding moms

Mushroom Supplements

OM Mushroom Superfood Drink Mix

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  • Has Probiotics and Vitamin C.
  • Immune Support, Healthy Gut and Digestion
  • Manages Stress
  • Great in tea

Try 5 Healthy Teas for Moms

Skin, Hair, Nails Vitamins


  • My Favorite: I take this every day. It has cleared up my skin and grew my hair
  • Support Natural Hair Growth And Retention
  • Rejuvenate dead, inactive, and slow-growing follicles.
  • Protection Against Premature Graying

Try Earth Mama, a whole product line for moms to be from birthing products, skin care, products to help with labor, post partum , breastfeeding , herbal remedies , teas …..

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Cherron Lucas, RDH, MBA

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