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I am a mom of three, I started having my children when I was young. Which means I had to learn early how to multitask, and incorporate my children into my daily schedule. Having a sitter or nanny might not be an option for younger moms or working middle class moms. In my case my parents and family lived 3 hrs. away and my husband and I were poor college students with our first child. We also chose later in our lives to save our money instead of spending big bucks on childcare. I also view this as quality time with your littles ones that is priceless; trust me when I say children grow up so fast. I thought this post would be great to show moms like me how they can spend quality time with their kids while having the best workout.

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1. Join a Fitness Group that includes Kids

I usually try to join gyms that have a fun kids club or that has classes that includes your children. I prefer the latter, so I would look for local yoga studios. If you search for “mommy and me classes” a lot of different options should come up. I prefer yoga because my children enjoy doing the routines better, it’s easy & slow pace, and yoga is more likely to offer mommy and me classes.

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2. Do Home Workouts

       I like home workouts because you don’t have to pack the kids up, they are safe during the pandemic quarantine, and you can fit a workout in at any time. I like YouTube video Mommy & Toddler Yoga workout by Liel Cheri Yoga. She has amazing workouts for moms, pelvic and back workouts that are great for during and after pregnancy. In 2018 she added baby yoga videos to her YouTube channel. There are also other YouTube videos you can watch when you type in mommy and me yoga classes.


MUTU System is an online medical exercising system for moms. I experience a lot of the signs listed below and this system have helped with my therapist home. The system is for you if you have:

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  • have diastasis recti
  • still look pregnant
  • leak when you sneeze
  • find sex painful or uncomfortable
  • lack body confidence
  • want to lose weight and feel strong again

3. Workout Early in the Morning Before Kids are Awake

I like to hit the gym or workout at home before the kids are awake. This is nice if your child doesn’t enjoy working out or if you want to lift weights and it’s not safe for children. When I work out in the mornings, I tend to have more energy the rest of the day. My children usually get up around 9am. I get up at 8 am and quietly start workouts with kettlebell, weights, leg weights or jump rope. I pretty much do workouts that aren’t safe to do around kids. You can use earphones like EarPods and plan your workouts on Google calendar .

4. The Power of a Stroller

A good jogger stroller can allow you to take a walk or jog with your baby. They have stroller for multiple children, toddlers, or infants. A great jogger stroller is Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller. This stroller is great if you like running or taking bike trails as a family. Another option if your baby is an infant is MiaMilly Hipster. You can do simple workouts, walking, yoga and stretching. I kept my children in a strap on carrier until they were 8 months; that’s how I was able to clean, workout and cook. They also make better hip carriers for toddlers which is a plus to our poor hips from carrier kids.

Some great place to go is

  • the park
  • mall
  • zoo
  • neighborhood.

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5. Schedule your Workout

So, we schedule everything else in our lives because we will forget if we didn’t. We simply need to value our bodies and health by adding a workout in the planner. I usually schedule my gym workouts in the morning around 8 am before the kids and hubby are awake. My home workouts are at 7-8pm and I usually include my kids.

Two Types of Planners

  1. A Hard Cover Book Planner– this is great if you are kinesthetic and need to write. Also, great if you aren’t. Tech savvy.
  2.  Digital Planner- is great for moms that are tech savvy and if you live on your phone like me. Your phone can also send reminders. I usually use Google or iPhone calendar. They are free and work great for scheduling simple things like a workout.
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Cherron Lucas, RDH, MBA

Cherron Lucas, RDH, MBA

Hello! I am a health & fitness blogger for busy moms like me. I teach easy, amusing ways to stay healthy and fit while leaving moms looking amazing, and feeling less stress. I have a degree in health and dental hygiene. I am a married mom of 3. I enjoy gardening and cooking.


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