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Pilates is one of my favorite workout routines. I love that your core is engaged the whole time. Abs is a weak area for moms, and I am constantly incorporating core strength exercises. During Pilates, you want to be comfortable and having the right workout clothes is essential.  The fitness clothing needs to be able to stretch and have flexibility during a Pilates workout. Below is a guide to the best workout clothes to help your Pilates class be successful. Starting a Yoga journey, check out our beginners yoga articles.


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I love this brand; their clothes are so cute and adorable. Not only will you feel good, but it will look good too.

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28″ Full-On LuxtremeI love high waist leggings; they will suck your tummy in, which is nice after having kids. These pants are flexible, and the material is breathable. They come in many sizes and colors; my favorite is teal.

Fly Away Tamer Headband II Luxtreme– I known this seems so minute, but a suitable headband is a plus. I’m not too fond of it when I am in Pilates class, and my hair is in my eyes or sweat is running down my face. A suitable headband shouldn’t slide down onto your face when exercising, and it shouldn’t feel so tight that you are having a migraine.  I personally use Lululemon headbands because they are comfortable, and they are strong enough to hold all my long curly hair. They have headbands in every color; however, I tend to stay with neutral colors so they can go with my active outfits.

Sponsor post by Lululemon Shop Now

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Gymshark – Gymshark has been a famous brand in the fitness community. A lot of fitness Influencers like Whitney Simmons and Brittnebabe wears the brand when working out. They are young and beautiful, but Gymshark makes clothing for all ages and shapes. I like that the workout clothes fit hugging to your curves. Like I don’t want my headbands falling down when working out, I also don’t want my clothes coming down. Many people like to wear loose clothing because they are embarrassed by their figure; perhaps, they think it will be comfortable. In Pilates, stretchy fitted clothes will work best.

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ADAPT OMBRE SEAMLESS LONG SLEEVE CROP TOP – This workout top is excellent because of the long sleeves, and the core is out. Pilates involves 95% of the core. Having your tummy out will allow you to see how your tummy is engaged, allows the abdominal area to stretch freely, and will keep you cool. `

Fabletic – Fabletics is a fabulous site by Kate Hudson that allows you to become a VIP member. I also like that the site carries plus size, XS, and maternity. My favorite part is the clothes are reasonably priced for the everyday mom. You can upload your photo to be reviewed and possibly used, use #MyFabletics on Instagram, and take a quiz so Fabletic’s can recommend specific workout gear. Kate Hudson will also share her favorite outfit monthly.

VIP Members Perks

  • Get up to 50% off
  • Early access to new release active gear
  • Get access to cash rewards, free gear, and more
  • Get personalized picks
  • Monthly activewear sent to you
  • You can skip a month and cancel anytime

I think this membership is worth it if you are a mom like me:

  • Workout regularly or active
  • Wear active gear to run errands
  • Go to the gym often
  • A part of a Yoga or Pilates group
  • Apart from running or cycling marathons
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High-Waisted Seamless Lace Capri – This is nice for the fall weather or when it is cooler outside. It warm, flexible, and has light compression. High waisted pants are great for Pilates. Once again, I like high waist pants because it sucks everything in, and the material is cute and fun.

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Eco-Conscious Built-In Bra Tank – The top is nice if you want to cover your body more or do not want to put a bra on. Don’t worry; you will still have support because the bra is built into the tank top. There is no hassle of trying to find the right bra to wear. The bra cups are removable so that you can wash them with your active gear. 

Alo – Have a website for Yoga, Pilates, and more fitness gear. They also offer Yoga and Pilates videos for a monthly fee. They offer free videos, programs, and activities for kids under Alo Gives. They have luxurious physical stores in California and New York.

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PIVOT BARRE SOCK – These socks are comfortable than ballot slippers, and they have a bottom grip you can use during Pilates class. They come in many colors and sizes. You can wear them with leggings and Capri leggings to give you a nice trendy look. They hold monthly community events with wellness experts from all over the world. The next time you are in New York or California, stop in the shop.

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HIGH-WAIST ALPINE SUSPENDER LEGGING – I am always about fashion even when I am working out. These alpine suspenders will make a statement and will compliment your beautiful curves when you enter the studio.

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REEBOK X VICTORIA BECKHAM BRA – Coming straight out of London with a great bra to hold you in during a Pilates session. The Victoria Beckham line is sleek and luxurious. She decided to partner with Reebok to create a sports line. The sporting line has Mrs. Beckham’s posh signature look.

Wait! Accessories

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DrinKup Smart Water Bottle – Ok, so I know we are talking about Pilates clothing, but I wanted to add an accessory that is just as important as the clothing you will wear. I notice that most people don’t consume enough H2O when they’re not working out. When exercising, you will need to increase your water intake, and it will vary for everyone. So, let me introduce you to DrinKup smart water bottle (it’s the best)

What makes DrinKup special:

  • It reminds you to drink water, the cup will vibrate, or your phone will beep
  • Connect and track with your smartphone and smartwatch
  • Keeps you hydrated during Pilates and adjusting your water intake
  • The bottle is BPA free, eco-friendly, and utilizes Bluetooth 4.2 energy savings for 30 days of battery life
  • Keeps drinks warm for 12hrs and cold for 24hrs
  • Tells you if the drink is too hot or too stale
  • Interact with friends, and get goals according to your body
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How is Pilates different than Yoga?

The short answer: Pilates focus on the core, engaging the core and strengthen the core
Yoga- focus on relaxing, circulation of the blood, flexibility , and meditation

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