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As a mom, your day is extremely busy, but you want to be healthier and maintain a nice figure. The challenge is usually finding the time to exercise and cook healthy food. How many times have you or you hear other moms saying, if only I had a personal chef or trainer, I would be more fit? In this post, I will share some fun, new, proven ways to lose weight without spending a lot of time exercising.

What Does Exercising Do for the Body?

Fun Fact: Jerry Morris is the man who invented exercise

Benefits:  burn calories, increase metabolism, maintain muscle mass, increase energy level, promote blood flow, helps brain health and memory, reduce pain and help with performing physical activity.

 Exercise has been proven by Jerry Morris to help with losing weight and being healthy. We can decrease the time spent exercising by doing HIIT workouts, eating healthier and incorporating exercis in our normal daily routine.

What is HIIT?

High jumping squats

Fun Fact: Can double your metabolic rate in 30 minutes

A lot of people are familiar with HIIT workouts, but some aren’t. HIIT stands for, High-intensity interval training, you will do an intense cardio session (spinning) as fast as you can for a short period of time and then rest for a short period of time (sit and lightly pedal). 

The government recommends 150 minutes of cardio exercise daily.  A new study done by Liverpool John Moores University discovered doing a short time daily HIIT exercises was just as effective as doing 150 minutes daily workouts. It is recommended to do three 20-minute sessions of HIIT. So set your timer on your Fitbit or Apple watch and start HIIT exercises.

Eating Healthier

Did you know: An unhealthy diet can play a role in depression

If it was up to me, I would exercise a lot more throughout the week and would get a gym membership however my lifestyle hasn’t allowed me to do so. I decided to really focus on how I am eating. I decrease high carb foods (pasta), added sugar, pork and beef (personal option), and soda. I increase green leafy veggies, veggies, Apple cider vinegar, lemon, lime, herbs, and water. I always set aside a cheat day to have fun with my kids, and remember this isn’t a strict diet, it’s a lifestyle change. If you happen to have a pop or pasta don’t beat yourself up. Just remember to balance your meals, so maybe you need to drink more water or say no to dessert for the day since you had soda earlier. Any time you say no to something the human body loves to rebel, and you will find yourself not maintaining the “diet”.

Incorporating Exercises into your daily routine

Fun quote: People make time for things they want to do

Exercising isn’t all about being in a gym, a particular place and/or using the equipment. You can work out anywhere and time. I like to take the stairs vs elevator or park farther so I can walk. Try workout DVD or streaming. Allison Green’s workout videos are nice to do at home and they are fun. I also try to stay physically active throughout the day and sit less. If you work at a desk job, try to take multiple breaks to walk and stretch. Squats are my most favorite exercise because you can do them anywhere and anytime. When spending time with my kids I made exercising a fun game. Any time we see a blue car driving by we do five squats. When exercising is fun you will automatically stay active and fit a workout in. Click here to learn more about how to fit a quick workout into your schedule.

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What do HIIT stand for

High Intensity Interval Training

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