Learning to eat healthy is a challenge. The biggest obstacle is finding dishes to cook that are delicious. I will also share with you how Beyoncé stays small and fit. So, I researched meal delivery services to find the top ones and what are the differences. Each service offers different options and to choose the one that will fit your family and lifestyle.

  1. Sun basket– convenient meal delivery service that offers fresh meals weekly to your doorstep. It is certified organic and uses antibiotic- and hormone-free meat and eggs. The seafood is wild caught and always fresh.
courtesy of Sun basket

About the meals

  • Each meal comes with recipes by chef, Justine Kelly
  • They are dietitian-approved meal plans like Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, and more make healthy eating easy
  • Sun basket makes their own house sauces and spices
  • Meals are done under 20 minutes
  • You can customize your meal
  • They choose ingredients that are in season giving you fresh products that are inspiring with the time. (fall – will have autumn inspired dishes that might have squash or zucchini, as an example)
  • Your ingredients will come from the best California farmers (Capay Family Farm, Lakeside Organic Gardens), ranchers, and fishermen
  • Tofu is by Hodo Soy (by Minh Tsai) it has non–GMO soybeans and never includes additives, stabilizers, or preservatives.


Pricing starting at but can vary:

  • 2 recipes per week and per serving $12.99 (4 total servings)
  • 3 recipes per week and per serving $11.99 (6 total servings)
  • 4 recipes per week and per serving $10.99 (8 total servings)

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2. Hello Fresh – is a delivery service that “aim to provide every household with wholesome, homemade meals – no shopping and no hassle.”

Starting at $7.99 per serving and they bill out weekly for convenience and better budgeting. They deliver three time a week to keep your meals fresh.

Other division that’s apart of Hello Fresh

  • Green chef – Organic Company that specializes in from keto to plant-powered and beyond. Your meals will have the taste and quality of a five-star restaurant but easy recipes. Starting at $11.99 per serving however they offer discounts and promotions.
  • Every plate– A more reasonable option and simple recipes & ingredients. Starting at $8.99 per serving
  • Chef Plate- is for service Canada but offers everything that hello fresh offers. Starting at $8.99 per serving

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3. 22 DAYS NUTRITION – Beyoncé uses this plan to stay small for her concerts and videos. Her diet consists of mostly plant based. When she is not performing or having a concert. She loves the plant-based diet so much she decided to partner with her trainer Marco Borges. They decided to create a meal plan service for everyday people

Why is the meal plan good?

  • Its created by an exercise physiologist
  • You have the option for same day delivery
  • They offer a smart grocery list
  • Teaches you how to eat plant-based
  • Get your groceries delivered through Instacart, Amazon Fresh or Peapod.
courtesy of Beyoncé

Services include: (starting at $1.90/week)

  • Access to +1,000 recipes
  • Personalization
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Nutrition Facts with every recipe
  • No commitment. Cancel at any time
  • FREE 30-min consultation with one of their nutrition experts
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4. Blue Apron (Starting at $7.49/serving)

They also prepackage your meals and deliver to your door however they focus more on portion control. This is important because it will help prevent food waste and it will keep your calorie intake low. A lot of people tend to eat way more calories throughout the day and will gain more weight.

Courtesy of Blue Apron

Things to know

  • Your food will come from artisanal purveyors and hundreds of family-run farms
  • They will use refrigerated boxes are packed with ice packs and insulated liners
  • They offer wine if you interested (I like a good bottle of red wine every now and then)
  • Visit their market to get the kitchen tools and all the essential you need to cook.

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5. Purple Carrot – A plant based, vegan and vegetarian delivery box (starting at $11.99)

courtesy of Purple Carrot

Why eat plant based     

  • Eating a diet high in vegetables has been shown to decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and more diseases
  • It has been shown to increase your life span
  • To look younger
  • Help with weight loss
  • Help your skin glow, and hair grow healthy & strong

             Why Purple Carrot

  • Your weekly box will include all of the ingredients you need to prepare your dinners, breakfasts, and lunches at home! weekly recipe booklet, containing all 8 dinner recipes for each week, along with the 2 breakfast and 2 lunch recipes.
  • They offer vegan snacks for low price range $3.99 – $15.99. *vegan snack is the most difficult for you to execute at home so having them prepped is a bonus
  • They offer gluten free meals, high protein meals, and easy meals

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What is Beyoncé’s diet?

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What can I make for dinner?

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